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The Story of Gok

We’re frequently asked about the origin of the band’s name. Originally, we designed the band name as “GOK” (to be pronounced as a word, not 3 letters). The name all in caps ended up presenting branding problems for us. People were confused about how to pronounce our name, so we changed it to “Gok” - still pronounced as a word, and apparently still confusing.

The “word” is actually an acronym that was first coined by an archeologist that led a team from the University of Minnesota who conducted several digs of the Lost Kingdoms of Maya in Central America. The archeology crew meticulously sorted through all of their findings and placed the discovered artifacts into distinct piles of known archeological categories. In rare instances, some of the artifacts unearthed could not be categorized. Those ended up in what was referred to as the “GOK pile”. When anyone on the team was asked, “What’s in the GOK pile?”, the response was “God only knows”. We found that to be a fitting name for the band because we don’t seem to fit into any single given musical genre and God only knows what we’ll do next!

Gok’s sound is an eclectic blend of rock, blues, jazz, funk, prog rock and pop that we like to call “Bluesion”. We’re currently working on our first CD release titled “The Big Question”. It’s a collection of 12 songs and you can find live versions of a few on the Gok Music page. We also play a wide variety of cover songs, medleys & mashes, albeit in our own way (try to imagine a reggae version of The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby or a hard rock version of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful and you’ll start to get the gist).

Gok has had the honor of performing at some of Dayton’s best known live music institutions and is primarily a concert band that does one or two set shows. Some of the local venues where we have performed include Canal Street, Gilly’s (YouTube clip here), Hank’s Pub, and live on WYSO (on-demand here). Gok has also performed at several local festivals and we’re always looking for similar/new venues to play. We can provide opening acts for other bands or do the whole show ourselves. If you’re looking for a live band, either for a public event or private party, please contact us here.

We really appreciate you visiting our web site and hope you enjoy the experience!

Live Long & Rock,

The Guys in Gok